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Sherry Todd Green
My music is a reflection of how I feel towards aspects of life that hit me to the core.  Some of those things, like human trafficking, continue to break my heart, while others, like the uncompromising love that one person can have for another, keep me fueled and optimistic about the potential we as human beings have.

My hope is that one or more of my songs will reach you at your core.  I encourage you to stand up for the right things, letting your voice be heard.  Sing, dance, love, write, paint, discuss, listen and above all, stay alive inside.  Please don’t let those things that you can make a difference with pass you by.

With love, hope and determination,

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Sherry Todd Green

All rights reserved. © 2015 Copyright Sherry Todd Green. All songs and lyrics are property of Sherry Todd Green.

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